Workshop: Let’s Get Swingin’ to the Beat!

You might have heard of a secret that’s been going around town. And everybody wants a piece of juicy information of the best secret of Helsinki. So, here it is:

Our dancers, Malin Grahn and Clyde Wilder, will be holding a dance workshop at the Theatre Museum this November 23 – free of charge!

Find out more here!


Photo by: Patrik Lustig

You will be guided through the African-American tradition of rhythmic dance worlds. We’ll get to learn fun and easy dance steps of the traditional jazz and swing as well rhythm ‘n’ blues music!

What’s important and at the top of our list is to have a pleasant time dancing! So, relax…This workshop is suitable for everyone – previous dance skills are not needed. You’ll be dancing to every beat of the music by the end of the workshop. It’s a fun activity to help brighten up a gloomy Autumn day!

So, come on over and join us for some fun!


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