Tea Dances of Fall 2014


A dance performance at our end-of-the-season Tea Dances at Kääntöpaikka 4.5.2014. Photo by © Jason DeBose.

The Tea Dances are a long tradition of Helsinki Traditional Jazz Dance Society ry. The concept is simple: we have some nice tea from our honored Tea Dance partner of collaboration, Théhuone, cakes and other delicious things baked by our fantastic bakers to enjoy with your tea (yes, we do serve coffee too!), and, of course, great jazz and swing tunes to dance to.

You might, for example, hear the song “Tea dance” by Ella Fitzgerald. All of this will be served with good company and a nice atmosphere! Best of all, all of our Tea Dances have “vapaa pääsy” – free entrance. Nonetheless, you do want to bring some change for the cafeteria!

The Tea Dances of the Fall 2014

AUGUST: We had a grand opening for our Fall season by arranging the Tea Dance on the Night of the Arts on August 21st. The fabulous Café de Abejas played for a spellbound audience while the Helsinki Traditional Jazz Dance Company showed the crowd some groovy dance moves and got the dance floor packed by giving an introductory Charleston work shop. Some dancers also found new nice things to wear on the dance floor from Fintage ry:s vintage flea market!

SEPTEMBER 28: Tea dance at Kääntöpaikka, Intiankatu 1. Live music by Kallion Karavaani!

OCTOBER – No tea dances, we will dance with you at The Jazz Dance Ball at Gloria on 11.10.!

NOVEMBER 15: – The legendary House Rent Party returns to Bokvillan!

DECEMBER 7: at Kääntöpaikka. Details to be announced.

* * *

A few words on our tea dance philosophy:

“Everybody can participate!”

No dance background needed. It is also part of the tradition for us to do the Big Apple, and teach the steps also to those entering the dance floor for the first time.

“We respect nature!”

All of our foods are vegetarian or vegan, and we always have non-dairy milks with the tea or coffee. We use real plates and cups as far as we can, and avoid in all way the production of unnecessary trash.

“We also recycle the styles!”

Since Spring 2014, we have been collaborating with the vintage oranization, Fintage ry, who runs a vintage flea market at some of our tea dances. Check the schedule! And needless to say, on the dance floor you see all the steps and dance styles of the 1920’s-50’s being recylced!

“We believe in the uniting power of dancing”

We have had people of all backgrounds and of all ages, from under one to over 80 years old, doing the same Big Apple Dance together. In our tea dances, you hear people talking in both official languages of Finland, English, and a range of other languages. We work for cultural diversity and equality, and promote these values in our events.

Now…Shall we dance?



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