Helsinki Traditional Jazz Dance Company


© Copyright 2014 Jirina Alanko, All Rights Reserved.

Helsinki Traditional Jazz Dance Company is a performance troop who takes their audiences way back into time with their one-of-a-kind performances. The group is specialized in the different forms of the African-American dance tradition: all different types of traditional jazz especially from the 1920’s-50’s, including both solo, partner and group dances. We perform e.g. Charleston, black bottom, lindy hop, blues, tap, traditional Chorus Girl -routines. Our performances are danced to jazz, swing, rhythm ‘n’ blues and blues.

Every piece of performance produced by Helsinki Traditional Jazz Dance highlights the essential characters of jazz choreography – the quality of drama, humor, suspense, and surprise – all in one!

The composition of their dance is constantly in rhythmic orchestration, yet, with enough space for improvisation, individuality and personality of each dancer to shine through which adds flavor to their performances. Their lively and timely dance pieces drive audiences screaming with excitement and hungry for more.

Moreover, Helsinki Traditional Jazz Dance Company is constantly on a mission to spread the wonders, joy and positive energy of traditional jazz dance to the people around them via music and dance! If you see one of them dancing in an open space, you’ll see a whole group of people dancing together with, or around, her in no time!

The group is available for performances, workshops, office parties/recreational days, bachelor/bachelorette parties, private lessons in partner dancing and tap dancing. We also provide lessons for those who are looking to jazz up their first dance as husband and wife at their wedding – From the Waltz, to the Charleston to Swing and Blues and many more!

Feel free to contact us for more information!


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