Promotional Pictures House Rent Party 2012 Independence Day Ball
285430_343653609085784_1403215342_n 65279_323021364482342_1608561237_n 456779_306146669490378_1409908015_o
Vapriikki Vintage @Tampere
by Nuppu Linnavuori
Café de Abejas: Mascot Moth -speakeasyjulkkarit!

Tea Dance Party, 17.02.2013
106 73471_423519451061800_1101839101_n  859678_333227453448966_30890348_o
Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2013
Tea Dance Party, 24.03.2013 Jazz History Through Times
886217_10151493996278217_1010444057_o  906749_348017468636631_1181805919_o 954826_381501218634356_2004956906_n 
Arabian Katufestivaali & Kallio Kukkii Charleston @ Maailmantango-festivaali, Tampere
by Alper Sevgör
A Night at the Theatre Museum
by Nuppu Linnavuori
1008990_391468314291546_1052973014_o 1240210_439115312872946_266480063_n  1402258_465289376922206_456968385_o
House Rent Party 2013  Jazz History Through Times
by Jirina Alanko
Tea Dance Party, 04.05.2014
1398152_435320753239635_636359800_o cropped-6-2-2014_pienet-15.jpg 10308105_503530986418611_3420448891265425457_n
Night of Arts – Taiteiden Yö 2014
The Groove of New Orleans
by Jason DeBose


Images may not be copied, printed or otherwise disseminated without express written permission of its respective photographers or Helsinki Traditional Jazz Dance Society ry.


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